A Serendipitous Day at the Mach Loop: Jets, Landscape, and Meeting a Photography Icon

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A Serendipitous Day at the Mach Loop: Jets, Landscape, and Meeting a Photography Icon

Hello, fellow photography enthusiasts!

In the pursuit of capturing moments, even a wedding photographer's day off can turn into a memorable adventure. Recently, I took a trip to the Mach Loop in Wales, hoping to photograph fast-moving jets—knowing full well that the Mach Loop offers no guarantees.

As I set up my gear, eagerly awaiting the roar of engines and the thunderous passage of aircraft, little did I know that this day would unfold into something extraordinary. Amidst the anticipation, a familiar red coat caught my eye—none other than the fantastic Gary Gough, a renowned fine art and landscape photographer I've admired for years.

Meeting one of my photography heroes was a surreal and humbling experience. Gary was not only approachable but genuinely kind. I couldn't resist the urge to express my admiration for his inspirational work, and to my delight, he graciously engaged in conversation about our shared passion for photography.

Little did I know that this encounter would take an even more surreal turn. Unbelievably, Gary later posted a YouTube video where I made a brief appearance in the background. The unexpected recognition added an extra layer of excitement to an already fantastic day.

Now, let's talk about the main event—the Mach Loop itself. As I focused on capturing the first two F15s zooming through the loop, the day unfolded into a spectacle of USAF F15s and F35s flying through. It was a stroke of luck, as previous visits to the Mach Loop had often left me with nothing more than a seagull (though the breathtaking landscape is always a sight in itself).

This unexpected meeting with a photography icon and the exhilarating flybys made the day truly unforgettable. Photography has a beautiful way of bringing people together, and this experience at the Mach Loop was a testament to the camaraderie shared among photographers, whether capturing weddings or high-speed jets.

I share this story with immense joy and gratitude, highlighting the unpredictable nature of our craft and the unexpected connections it fosters. Here's to more serendipitous encounters, breathtaking moments, and the unwavering passion that fuels our photographic journeys.

Until the next adventure!

Ryan Harris

A Passionate Wedding Photographer & Aviation Enthusiast

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