Working with the wonderful Stagecoach Wolverhampton

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My work as a photographer gives me so many fantastic opportunities, when I received a request from Stagecoach principle Hannah, having an interest for the theatre and dancing myself, I jumped at the chance of working with this fantastic organisation. 

I simply cannot speak highly enough of this talented young group of people, it was a joy to witness as they grew with confidence, there is a real sense of team spirit with this group that grasps you, almost instantaneously I felt somehow part of this amazing team from the moment of walked through the door.

It’s clear these individuals are passionate about what they do, and staff really lead by example. For this project I met with principle Hannah Davis who asked me to capture images throughout a number of lessons, this was a great experience as I got to witness the students learning and progressing in the lead up to a final show to be performed in a theatre to family and friends.

The objective was for the images captured to be put together and displayed on a large screen for the parents before the show, showing the hard work and enjoyment the students had put in, culminating in the final performance. 

It was incredible to see both teachers and students at work, and from such a young age too, there are such talented individuals. I spent a good few days with Stagecoach watching lessons from the side-lines, capturing the enjoyment and action as and when it happened, some of which were dressed rehearsals and with Thriller being in the set list the fun ensued. The students are a credit to parents and the organization itself and the team spirit of the place is infectious. 

After capturing the images during lessons they were put into groups in order for them to be displayed on a large screen. As part of the duties I was given I was fortunate enough to witness and capture the shows too, it's times like this that I love my job, these are such young professionals and the shows were of such a high standard they wouldn’t have looked out of place in London's West End.

It was a joy for me too seeing the playback of what I had captured over my time spent with Stagecoach, so many smiling faces working hard and growing with confidence throughout the lessons and as a very proud father myself I wasn’t surprised to see a few tears shed in the audience as the playback of photos was displayed on the big screen.

Having done some work with Stagecoach and some dance groups I have come to find real enjoyment from capturing dance and drama, my daughter is also a keen dancer and she too has since attended summer workshops with Stagecoach and thoroughly enjoyed it, making tons of friends and growing in confidence.

I will be working on some dance photography throughout this year with final images in mind, I would like to capture movement and feel this could be beneficial to the dancer's portfolio and benefit myself as a new technique I’ve tried. With a performance it’s difficult to try this technique in a live show but I am setting a shoot up whereby I will be combining a mixture of continuous light and flash to both capture the movement of the dancer and freeze the image with a final flash burst before the shutter closes.

If you have little ones or are interested in dance and drama please do visit the Stagecoach page and keep an eye out for their workshops, it’s a fantastic organisation and was an absolute privilege working with them, I look forward to working with them again in the future.




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